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I wasn't sure what to expect, or if influencer marketing would be the right fit for us. But Brianna didn't just build out a robust influencer program for us. She helped us build long-term relationships with the influencers, diversify our content strategy & get creative, and created in-depth dashboards and reports so I always had visibility into each campaign. We've seen incredible results. Not just with revenue, but the build-out of marketing programs that we continue to scale.

I highly recommend them for any business looking to increase their presence and grow their bottom line."

Kelechi U.

Chief Marketing Officer

As a creator, what’s most important to me is working alongside people who understand my voice and keep the integrity of my brand. I have felt this and more by partnering with Alexis and Brianna.

As creators themselves, they have built an immense amount of trust with other creators and genuinely have their best interests in mind. Working with them gives creators a leg up in keeping up-to-date with market rates and seeking out new partnership opportunities.

I’ve loved working with them throughout this past year, and I'm excited to continue partnering with them!

Nicole F.


We went from zero influencers, zero brand ambassadors, and no real strategy to having a clear plan for growth and a full-blown influencer strategy.

Within 3 months of working together, we had a thriving influencer marketing program and a community of brand evangelists. We're consistently growing now, and I'm blown away by the results. And thorough reporting and research have really helped us understand how to market to our target audience.

Jake C.

Founder, CEO

Brianna and Alexis have been a tremendous help in organizing my creator life. Brianna knows how to handle marketing - quite literally.

I remember always asking questions regarding brand deals, what price to set for campaigns, how to outsource brands, etc., and Brianna and Alexis were always willing to offer guidance and advice.

As someone who has built a six-figure side hustle through brand campaigns and partnerships off of LinkedIn content creation, I’d recommend their services with my eyes closed.

Stephanie N.


Brianna & Alexis are true experts! They have a deep understanding of the LinkedIn platform and have proven to be reliable in helping others build an audience there as well! I have full confidence in what they’re offering and I know so many people will get value out of it.

Tobi Oluwole


If you want to grow your brand deals as a creator, look no further. Alexis and Brianna are the absolute best when it comes to advocating for creators.

The image of a bridge comes to mind when I think of their work: Connecting talented creators with powerful companies. Alexis and Bri deeply understand competitive rates, marketing strategies, and know how to get the best value for creators.

On top of that, they are two of the most delightful people you'll ever work with! I know you will be very, very, very happy you worked with this team.

Nicky S.


I highly recommend Influence if you're looking to start doing influencer marketing the right way. [The team]'s approach to influencer selection, content strategy, and reporting allow myself & my team to understand the data, drive substantial growth, and get creative.

Janel L.

Head of Marketing

Working with Alexis and Brianna will be an absolute game-changer for you as a brand or as a creator. They are the gold standard, and I can't recommend them highly enough. Not only are they fellow creators who truly understand the intricacies of our craft, but they've also cultivated an unparalleled level of trust within the LinkedIn community. Their commitment to our success is unwavering.

One of the standout qualities of Alexis and Brianna is their dedication to keeping creators informed about market rates and uncovering exciting partnership opportunities. Their industry knowledge and networking skills have given me a distinct advantage in navigating this ever-evolving landscape. Throughout the past year, I've experienced nothing but excellence while collaborating with them. I'm genuinely thrilled to continue our partnership, knowing that I have the absolute best team in my corner.

Alexis and Brianna are more than just marketers—they are visionary partners who consistently deliver outstanding results while upholding the authenticity and integrity of my brand. If you're looking for a marketing agency that truly gets it, look no further.

Dominick N.


I couldn't recommend Alexis Scott or Brianna Doe enough. They are truly both exceptional women in the field of negotiation, branding, marketing, and sales. I have had the pleasure of knowing them within the last year and have collaborated with them on different brand ventures.

They truly provide exceptional results and outcomes to clients and companies. They have the best interests for creators at heart and have been so instrumental to my growth - not only professionally, but also personally.

I am so grateful to know both of them and I highly recommend anyone to work with them as well.

Linda L.


I couldn't ask for more in a marketing partner. Speedy communication, always organized, reliable, and passionate about our brand.

Ben R.

Founder, COO

Alexis and Brianna are a powerhouse duo! There are lots of influencers out there with large followings, and there are lots of people with extensive experience in marketing and sales. But there are few people who have experience doing both.

Their experience working on both sides of the partnerships puts them in a unique position to represent and support content creators. Plus, they are all around awesome, talented women who will hustle and work hard on your behalf!

Bonnie D.


Alexis and Brianna are a marketing dream team. Whether you're a content creator or looking to hire one to grow your brand, you won't find anyone who cares more about your marketing goals than them.

They're really good at negotiating brand deals, building relationships with both companies and individuals, and influencer marketing. Not only that-- but they're also a whole lot of fun to work with! So if you get the chance to work with them, take it!

Jess R.