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Our mission: Connect ambitious brands with influential creators.

As marketers and LinkedIn creators, we've seen firsthand how powerful influencer partnerships can be. We're passionate about helping brands and influencers build rewarding, long-term partnerships.

We chose the name Verbatim because it symbolizes our commitment to precision, authenticity, and the power of storytelling. Every word matters, and every message should resonate with the audience it's intended for.

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Meet Your Influencer Marketing Team

Brianna spent 10 years working in influencer marketing before diving into content creation herself. With deep expertise in both B2B and B2C marketing, she loves helping brands build deeply engaged communities and drive scalable growth.

In 18 months, she has built a LinkedIn audience of 150k, partnered with B2B and B2C brands, and has seen firsthand how impactful influencer marketing can be on the platform. She's passionate about partnering with brands and helping other creators generate income through content.

Alexis’ influencer marketing journey started on her sales career path.  After being laid off in 2020 & using LinkedIn to land her next job, she started building her personal brand.

After landing her next role, she quickly saw her content's impact on driving leads and conversions for her company.  Within 3 years of her content creation journey, she has grown to 60k+ followers and has partnered as an influencer with nearly a dozen brands. She also helps busy executives amplify their voice and boost brand awareness through LinkedIn ghostwriting and personal branding.