Power Your Brand with LinkedIn Influencer Marketing

Cut through the noise.
Speak directly to your decision makers and target audience.

Get 3-6x the reach of traditional ads.

Leverage the visibility of trusted influencers to drive ROI.

Average CPM of
LinkedIn Ads
Source: The B2B House
Average CPM
of Influencer Marketing
Source: Databox
Over 80% of consumers are more inclined to buy products that influencers promote
*Source: Oberlo

How We'll Grow
Your Brand

Drive Leads and Revenue

With our robust Influencer Network and deep B2B & B2C expertise, we'll:

Build ROI-driven campaigns and programs
Deliver comprehensive performance reports
Focus on what works, trimming the ineffective

Turn Your Brand into a Household Name

Social media (in general) is a noisy space, and ads run rampant. In a crowded market, people buy from people they trust. That's where we come in:

Influencer selection and management
Content Ideation

Build a Clear Roadmap for Growth

We're in it for the long haul. Together, we'll:

Build long-term influencer partnerships for your brand
Deliver comprehensive performance reports and analytics
Design and execute a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy

What We Do

Short answer: We connect brands with their buyers & decision makers through influencer marketing.

Influencer Selection & Management

Great influencer marketing begins with selecting influencers that align with your audience, brand, and mission. We'll hand-select the creators for each campaign, and manage negotiations, communications, and follow-up - so you don't have to.

Influencer Selection & Negotiation
Influencer Communications & Management
Post-Campaign Performance Report

Full-Service Program Build & Management

Consider us your in-house influencer marketing team! We'll build, manage, and optimize a program for you that drives revenue, leads, and brand awareness.

Influencer Selection & Negotiation
Influencer Communications & Management
Monthly Content Calendar & Plan
Quarterly & Annual Strategy + Roadmap
Campaign Optimization & Management
Customized Performance & Analytics Dashboard

Why Partner with Influence?

Access to Top Creators

Through our rapidly growing Influence Creator Program, we have access to the top, vetted influencers across a variety of niches and industries - with a combined follower count of 3M+.

Extension of Your Team

We know what it's like to operate lean. So consider us your in-house influencer marketing team! Above all else, we value measurable results and prompt communication.

Custom-Built Strategies

Your business (and goals) are unique. Your marketing strategy should be too. From influencer selection to program execution, we'll design & implement a strategy tailored to your needs.

Proven Expertise

We're marketers and also influencers. With a decade of influencer marketing experience, we have a 360-degree view of how to build successful influencer programs.

Unlock the power of influencer marketing.